The Rwanda eRegulations system is an online database designed to bring total transparency to investment procedures in Rwanda. It is currently being developed by the Rwanda Development Board (RDB) with the technical assistance of the United Nations (UNCTAD).

All data made accessible on this site is currently being certified by state agencies involved in investment related procedures. Until the certification process is complete, some of the information may still be subject to change.


A global transparency network

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You can compare key administrative procedures among eRegulations user countries in Africa:


Transparent procedures

Procedures are detailed step-by-step, from the investor's point of view: every mandatory interaction with a civil servant is considered a step. For each step, a step sheet shows:

  • what the civil servant should give you at the end of the step;
  • complete contact data of the civil servant in charge and of the person you can complain to in case of a problem; kyoto protocol summary
  • forms and other documents you need to submit, time, cost, and legal justifications longest page .

How does it work?

(Double click for a larger view)

  1. Click on one of the investment objectives tabs (grey tabs at the top of the page, e.g. business registration, visas, etc.)
  2. Chose a specific objective in the second page (menu page)
  3. You will see on the left hand side a list of the steps you have to go through
  4. A detailed step sheet shows up on the right-hand side when you click on the name of the steps

With the financal support of the One UN Rwanda Programme and technical assistance from UNCTAD